December 18, 1962 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


Herbert Wilfred Herridge

New Democratic Party

Mr. Herridge:

I did not intend to say anything in this rather interesting and unusual debate but I have been prompted to do so as a result of the discussion. I trust that you will not rule me out of order, Mr. Chairman, because you will find I am in order when I am finished. I must say that I feel your ruling is rather narrow because, during my 17 years experience in this house, when telephone companies have come to ask for an increase in capital or other changes in their acts of incorporation, there has been a wide
Private Bills
discussion of the affairs of the companies. This applies also to pipe line companies and companies of that sort. These bills have frequently been referred to committees for further study. However, I shall bow to your ruling and not go into the affairs of this company.
I do want to bring something to the attention of the committee which is somewhat related to this bill. We should support the right of the company to have its name printed in both languages according to the terms of the bill, and I suggest the company should have its policies and other literature printed in both languages so that all Canadians, regardless of their descent, will be able to understand them. This bill will not affect my constituents to any great extent and for the following reason-I want to give the reason, and it is based on a telegram I have just received from the mayor of Trail.
I want to point out, Mr. Chairman, that while the government fumbles and goes along a certain way in respect of the necessity for insurance, the people of Kootenay West continue to set records. I wish to bring to the attention of the committee the fact that on Saturday, December 15, the city of Trail completed eight full years without a fatal accident. This is a record for cities of over 10,000 population, not only in Canada-

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