December 18, 1962 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


Thomas Rodney Berger

New Democratic Party

Mr. Berger:

This is an entirely different thing. I suggest that it must cause some consternation to hon. members to see the hon. member advocating the indiscriminate use of names, perhaps of historical significance, perhaps of significance of another kind, by anyone who wants to use them. I was surprised to see his willingness to champion the life insurance companies of Canada carry him so far. When parents have a baby christened and give it a name they give serious consideration to what name they will bestow upon it. This name is being bestowed upon this corporation by the parliament of Canada and I suggest that the parliament of Canada should consider whether this name ought in fact to be bestowed upon this company. I would plead that members of the house have a right to know who it is that is seeking to have the right to use this name in Quebec, and in other parts of Canada where the French language is spoken. I suggest that the rules of order, and I have read the rule to which you referred me, Mr. Chairman, do not prevent parliament from investigating that matter.
Let me say I would be very pleased to yield the floor, when we have disposed of the point of order, to the hon. member for Mont-Royal so that he might have an opportunity to enlighten the house on the questions I raised earlier in the debate.

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