December 18, 1962 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


David Ouellet

Social Credit

Mr. Ouellet:

Yes, I may deal with the point of order.
Mr. Chairman, it is agreed that we are faced with a normal situation. Hon. members have discussed in the past a bill to incorporate this company, when it was organized. If at that time, it was not wanted, they should have opposed it then, I think.
Faced with this problem, some may be embarrassed. But we must be realistic about the request submitted by this company. I agree with the point you have raised, Mr. Chairman, that details cannot be debated at this stage, because the point is out of order and is not relevant to this bill.
However I suggest it is most unfortunate that such things should happen. Besides, this is no time to go back because parliament has already decided.
Now, that company asks us permission to use a French name. Why? Because it suits them. It is rather difficult for us to refuse.
On the other hand, I think it would be time for parliament, when new requests are made by foreign companies, to discuss their merit before approving them, so as not to be faced again with the same problem.
When companies want a change, which is consistent with the charter given them by the

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federal government, they should not bother parliament with this kind of thing. I understand the hon. member's remarks in that respect, but I agree with the point you raised, Mr. Chairman, and I think the house could hardly turn down the company's request for a French name.

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