December 18, 1962 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


Thomas Rodney Berger

New Democratic Party

Mr. Berger:

However, Mr. Chairman, we are concerned about the propriety of this corporation being given the right to use a French version of its name. We are not dealing only with the question whether it is advisable generally to allow corporations to use French versions of their names. We are concerned about this corporation. I suggest to you, Mr. Chairman, and to members of the committee that, in the exercise of its supervisory jurisdiction over the insurance companies which carry on business in this country, the House of Commons must know who is seeking to use this name.
The Depuiy Chairman: Order. The committee is not to discuss or try to ascertain the purposes of the directors of the company in seeking to use a French and an English name. We are not to discuss all the activities of the company. We are only to study the merit of this bill and the opportunity for this company to do business under either a French or an English name. That is the only matter we can discuss. If the hon. member will look at the bill he will see that the explanatory note says:
The sole purpose of this bill is to add a French version to the name of Merit Insurance Company.
I am sure the hon. member will try to be in order and to make his remarks relevant to the principle of the bill.

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