December 18, 1962 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


Thomas Rodney Berger

New Democratic Party

Mr. Berger:

I appreciate very deeply, Mr. Chairman, your advice as to the propriety of the remarks I have been making. I can assure you that it was my intention throughout to discuss only clause 1 and to deal only with matters which were relevant to clause 1.
Let me make it clear that, if this company is seeking to use a French version of its name, this is a matter of some moment not only to members of the House of Commons who represent constituencies in those parts of Canada which have a predominantly French speaking population but also to all other members of the House of Commons since, in my opinion, it is something which affects the whole question which I sought to raise and which I will try to justify to you, Mr. Chairman; I refer to the question of foreign control over Canadian industry.

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