December 17, 1962 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


Howard Charles Green (Secretary of State for External Affairs)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Green:

There was also a discussion on research development and production. As you know, Mr. Speaker, in NATO Canada has always been in favour of sharing arrangements for this type of development, and the Minister of National Defence made a statement to that effect in the course of the discussions.
Finally there was a discussion about special aid to Greece to help her with her defence expenditures. She is unable to continue the heavy expenses to which she is committed, and all the nations, or most of them in any event, are now arranging to give her some help with her defence costs. For example, Canada in 1963, subject to parliamentary approval, will provide $1 million in the way of spare parts for planes which Canada supplied to Greece at an earlier date, and

also $1 million in the shape of foodstuffs for the Greek army. Greece is a strong, close friend of Canada, and is very grateful to us for taking this position.
It was agreed that the next meeting, which takes place in the spring, will be held in Ottawa on May 21, 22 and 23. I am sure that had hon. members of the house been in Paris they would have been very gratified if they had been attending the meetings-I am not looking at anybody in particular, Mr. Speaker-with the reaction of the delegates from the other member nations. They were simply delighted to be coming to Canada for this meeting, and I am sure we will all see to it that they get a warm welcome and that they leave Canada with as good an impression as they have of our country at the present time.
It might be of interest to hon. members if the communique which was issued at the end of the meeting were printed as an appendix to Hansard and, Mr. Speaker, if that is the wish of hon. members I have it here.

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