December 13, 1962 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


J. Nicholas (Nick) Mandziuk

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Mandziuk:

I wish to associate myself with the request of the hon. member for Halifax, because this house has a great deal of respect for those people who take it upon themselves to hear evidence in the other place. They have considerable experience- more experience than the hon. member for Timiskaming has-and they are learned in the law, or at least the chairman of the divorce committee is. They are trying to do a good job. Witnesses appear before them and I think these smears and insults are unjustified. Even our courts have experienced perjured evidence, and if the hon. member wishes to point out an instance where the Senate divorce committee was misled, we should be pleased to hear him. But I do not think it is a function of members of this committee just to read from the evidence to fill in time.

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