December 13, 1962 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


Alexis Pierre Caron


Mr. Caron:

Mr. Chairman, I stuck to what you said. You asked me not to go back more than ten years. That is the reason why I concentrated on the last ten years. However, if you do not agree, I can go back only two or three years because, since then, we have been under a Conservative administration.
What is the Conservative government doing to improve the situation? Absolutely nothing.
The Conservative government is only marking time as a frisky horse, but it does not run.

That is the reason why I wanted to demonstrate that under the Liberal administration we had done something, that we had not been satisfied to go blindly on as does this government.
I wanted to point out that a Liberal government acted in a more responsible way than a Conservative government which behaves, at present, like a parliament of school boys at play.
Moreover, we have proven that this government is the worst Canada has ever known since confederation.
Never has the business of the country been in the hands of such unqualified people. Never have ministers been so undecided in their actions. Never has a prime minister administered the country as the present leader of this government is doing, taking into consideration only his own pride, trying to become famous with some little insignificant measures. The Prime Minister is never up to par when the time comes to be firm in the best interest of the country. The Conservatives have the impression that they have succeeded in condensing in one single piece of legislation many laws, most of which were already in our statute books as is the case for the Canadian Bill of Rights. At a meeting held in Hamilton, lawyers-some colleagues of yours, Mr. Chairman-were heard to say that the bill of rights changes nothing in the present situation since it is already covered by the statutes of Canada.
That is the legislation which has been enacted by the Conservative government. That is their way of governing the country. It is a government of visions and commissions.
They have set up about 19 royal commissions. Every time they are stuck with a problem, they postpone the issue by setting up a royal commission.
When a royal commission like the Mac-Pherson commission presents a report, they do not even have the courage of taking decisions. Nothing is done and the country is in a mess.
There is at present a dispute between the railroads and the trucking industry. That is due to the government's procrastination and to its failure to foresee and remedy the situation.
Every time a royal commission submits a report, they shelve it and forget about it.
Consideration has been given to the first two parts of the report presented by the commission which was set up to look into the public service. Action has already been taken without referring the question to the house. The report is being put into effect without consideration for parliament and its members.
Interim Supply
Yet, when the party in power was sitting on this side of the house, only five years ago-they will soon be back here-they claimed that the government of the time had no respect for the principles of democracy.
Do they pay any heed to those principles? Far from it, they laugh about the matter as one parliamentary secretary is doing at present instead of contributing something worthwhile to the debate.
The present government is incompetent and that is what I set out to prove. It should have the courage of giving the civil servants who are inadequately paid the salary increase to which they are entitled.

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