December 11, 1962 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


Donald MacInnis

Mr. Maclnnis:

Mr. Chairman, this is the last clause of the bill with which we are going to deal, and I want to make a very few brief points with regard to it, and at least attempt to obtain some clarification from the minister. This is the key section of the bill. It provides that:
The board may engage on a temporary basis or for any period of not more than two years-
And so on. At first glance it seems that this is another of those ridiculous provisions, similar to the $3,000 honorarium originally suggested for the chairman. The minister has already made it clear, as the other clauses of the bill indicate, that the primary responsibility and the principal activities of the board and its staff will be directed into the fields of study, research, investigation, and what-have-you. This would seem to indicate that it would be essential to obtain the services of technical experts, economists, statisticians and sociologists. The government has already made a great deal of the permanent staff which will be available in the form of the executive director and other employees of the board. We suggest that it would be very difficult, if not completely impossible, to attract, for example, an economist from a university, where he would have pension provision, summer holidays, and the like, and

Business of the House
to ask him to take on an assignment which offers him no security whatsoever and no long term engagement.
Therefore we suggest an amendment which I think is not very controversial but which will provide for this problem. I therefore move:
That clause 14 be amended by adding after the words "on a temporary'' in the first line thereof the words "or permanent" and deleting the words "or for any period of not more than two years" in the second line thereof, so that the clause as amended will read:
"14. The board may engage on a temporary or permanent basis the services of persons having technical or specialized knowledge of any matter relating to the work of the board, to advise and assist the board in the performance of its duties under this act, and with the approval of the treasury board may fix and pay the remuneration of such persons."
I suggest that the minister has been asking for objective suggestions. If this amendment does not fit into that category, then I do not know what type of suggestion he is looking for. I am sure all hon. members who are sincerely interested in this board's being able to do something useful would want to provide it with the opportunity to attract qualified people on a full time basis.

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