December 11, 1962 (25th Parliament, 1st Session)


Lauréat Maltais

Social Credit

Mr. Maltais:

Mr. Chairman, I have only a few remarks to make on clause 9 of Bill No. C-94.
I agree with the hon. members. As a matter of fact, I put the following question a few days ago: What are exactly the duties of all boards that are presently at the service of the government? But I feel that the Atlantic provinces form part of an area which has been overlooked in the past, in the political and economical history of Canada. Now, those provinces, as well as areas such as the one I represent, the lower St. Lawrence and the north shore districts, need a very special board to protect their interests.
On the other hand, Mr. Chairman, I do not agree with the hon. member who was wondering, a moment ago, about the usefulness of winter navigation on the St. Lawrence river.
Like the hon. member for Lapointe, I submit that one region should not be ruined to help another one. One region should not be deprived of what it succeeded in obtaining after years of difficulties and requests, to assist another region.
I wonder if the hon. member, when he asked if it was useful to spend so much money to open up the St. Lawrence in winter, thought of putting the question to the agricultural producers of the Atlantic regions as well as to the potato producers.
I would like an inquiry like that one be made to find out if the money used to ensure winter navigation on the St. Lawrence river really helps potato producers and other producers in the Atlantic area.
Mr. Chairman, those are the few words I wanted to add to the remarks of the hon. member.

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