June 10, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Honoré Hippolyte Achille Gervais


Mr. H. GERVAIS (Montreal, St. James).

The scope of the motion which has been moved by the hon. gentleman for Jacques Cartier (Mr. Monk) is wider than that of the report which was presented by the Debates Committee and adopted by this House. There are before this House two reports, one in relation to the increase of salaries of the official reporters, another with regard to the reorganization of the translation bureau in order to provide that the French edition of the ' Hansard ' should be published within twenty-four hours after the Bnglisli edition; and now the hon. gentleman wants to have the fourth report of the committee sent back to the Debates Committee for the purpose of making further inquiry in regard to the qualification of one of the appointees, Mr. Char]ier. Let me call your attention, Mr. Speaker, to the fact that nothing was said against another of the appointees, Mr. Girard, whose engagement is also mentioned in that fourth report.
Now I will deal one by one with the objections the hon. gentleman has made to this report. With regard to the regularity of the report, I may say that the meeting of the Debates Committee which recommended the appointment of Mr. Girard as proof-reader, and of Mr. Charlier as translator, was convened in the usual way, proper notice having been given to each of the members of the committee. When the meeting was called to order, there was a quorum present. The resolution was passed unanimously. I never complained of any resolution which has been passed in this House when I was absent therefrom.

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