June 10, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Frederick Debartzch Monk

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. F. D. MONK (Jacques Cartier).

I see my hon. friend from St. James division (Mr. Gervais) Chairman of the Debates Committee, is here to-day, so I will now present the motion which I placed in your hands two days ago regarding the fourth report of the Debates Committee. I moved at that time :
That the resolution adopted by this House on the 20th of May last adopting the fourth report of the committee appointed to supervise the official debates of the House, be reconsidered and rescinded: that the said fourth report of the said committee be referred back to said committee with instructions to inquire into the necessity of and demand for said additional translator, and the qualifications of said E. Charlier to act as such translator and to be appointed to such new position, and to inquire also as to such additional measures as may be necessary to ensure the prompt and efficient translation of the official documents of this House.
I would just say, in support of this motion that there is no doubt-I fancy the House does not doubt-that such a motion can be made. I quote from page 452 of Bourinot's parliamentary procedure, 3rd edition :
Circumstances, however, may arise to render it necessary that the Honse should reconsider its previous judgment on a question, and in that case there are means afforded hy the practice of parliament of again considering the matter. Orders of the House are frequently discharged and resolutions rescinded. The latter part of the thirteenth rule of the House of Commons provides: ' No member may reflect upon any vote of the House, except for the purpose that such vote be rescinded.'
Now, in regard to this particular report, the motion was made by my hon. friend the chairman of the committee on May 20tli. Some discussion arose concerning the matter on the following day, May 21st. The Minister of Finance (Mr. Fielding) said at that time :
That was a good reason and it is only for that reason. It is fair to the, chairman of the committee to say that the report of the committee which was adopted yesterday was not open to the same objection as the report which was presented a few days ago.

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