April 18, 1962 (24th Parliament, 5th Session)


Daniel Roland Michener (Speaker of the House of Commons)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Speaker:

I trust hon. members will permit me one word more. In view of the kind and gracious things that have been said I should like to acknowledge, first on behalf of my associates in the chair and in committee, the words of appreciation which have so properly been spoken about them. Then I should like to acknowledge the appreciation expressed for the officers at the table, the Clerk of the House, the Assistant Clerk, the Sergeant-at-Arms and others who have served the house so well and upon whom we all depend so greatly. For them I am sure I express their gratitude that their services, so often ignored, have been properly acknowledged in these closing hours. Likewise for my wife I could not be more appreciative of the words which have been said about her.
For myself, of course, I would like to say a great deal more than would be acceptable. May I put it simply-that these years in the 24th and 23rd parliaments have been years of great happiness and interest. They have been years of happiness because of the co-operation which the house, on all sides, has extended unfailingly to me, both when I was right and when I was not so right. So I say, not without some feeling, that I am grateful for everything that has been said in this final hour. What I should say to you I am not quite sure as you go out to the experience we shall all share in common. Perhaps the best I can do would be to renew the invitation to join me across the hall, and wish you all many happy returns.

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