April 18, 1962 (24th Parliament, 5th Session)


John George Diefenbaker (Prime Minister)

Progressive Conservative

Right Hon. J. G. Diefenbaker (Prime Minister):

I wonder whether hon. gentlemen who have expressed their views strongly would give consideration to the taking of these bills in groups. They have received the full attention of the other place and each of them has been examined. If there are some cases that hon. gentlemen regard as needing further examination, well and good, but I would point out the fact that the people who made these applications did so in good faith.
The law has been as it is and they accepted in groups and if we proceed to ask for royal assent in what has been done at a quarter to six this evening, these bills will die when dissolution takes place. The result will be that those who have the right to expect that parliament will deal with their cases will suffer irreparable loss, besides being subjected to a long delay before the next parliament.
1 realize there are strong feelings on this matter. At the same time I do something I have not done before-I make an appeal to hon. members that they permit the taking of all the cases, excepting those they designate as a result of their reading as desiring further consideration. I would hope it would not be said of us that we, under law, denied those who are proceeding under law their rights and privileges.

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