April 18, 1962 (24th Parliament, 5th Session)


Donald Methuen Fleming (Minister of Finance and Receiver General)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Fleming (Eglinlon):

Mr. Chairman, the resolution asks for a vote of five months interim supply. Several weeks ago the house voted two months interim supply for the fiscal year which commenced on April 1, 1962. The addition of today's resolution will bring the total to seven months.
In this respect we are following the same course as was followed by our predecessors in 1949 and in 1957. In both of those years there was a dissolution of parliament in the month of April and an election in the month

of June, so that there are those two clear and recent precedents for the number of months for which supply is asked here.
In addition to an additional five twelfths of all items there are, of course, additional proportions, as is usual, with respect to certain items. These items relate to programs that do not lend themselves to a pro rata provision of supply month by month. For instance, there are numerous grants to international organizations where fixed sums have to be paid without regard to a month by month accrual. In addition, there are numerous programs of work involved in various departments which are concentrated in certain seasons of the year and, of course, the bulk of the concentrations are in the summer months. Therefore with respect to a number of items additional amounts are required.
But I do emphasize for the assurance of all hon. members that in no case do we ask for the full amount of any item. There will still be a proportion to be voted by parliament when parliament resumes in the autumn and accordingly the house can be assured of retaining its right of discussion with respect to any item. Furthermore, I give the usual undertaking that the passing of this measure will not prejudice the rights and privileges of members to criticize any item in the estimates when it comes up for consideration in committee of supply. The usual undertaking is hereby given that such rights and privileges will be respected and will not be curtailed or restricted in any way as a result of the passing of this measure.

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