April 18, 1962 (24th Parliament, 5th Session)


William McLean Hamilton (Postmaster General)

Progressive Conservative

Hon. W. M. Hamilton (Postmaster General):

I thank the hon. member for giving me notice of this question. I have some doubt that "Northern Neighbours" is either reliable or independent. I agree with him when he says that it seems to be U.S.S.R. propaganda. However, the Postmaster General does not classify magazines as being eligible for second class rates. The laws of the country establish certain qualifications which, if met, allow any publications to benefit from the second class rates. This publication meets those qualifications. It is therefore entitled to second class rates. I might add that I do not accept the implication in the question that the Postmaster General should assume the responsibility for censorship of that which passes

through the mails. I have trust and confidence in the Canadian people themselves to make their decisions. I do not think we need a censorship branch in the Post Office Department.

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