April 12, 1962 (24th Parliament, 5th Session)


George Clyde Nowlan (Minister of National Revenue)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Nowlan:

Mr. Speaker, with the speed we made tonight I do not think there is much necessity of dealing with next week. We had better deal with the business from minute to minute and hour to hour. The business for tomorrow will be continuation of the debate on the supplementary estimates which we have been considering this evening. When that is concluded we shall proceed with the legislative items which were announced by my colleague, the house leader, last evening. If by any chance there should be any change in the order with which they are to be dealt with tomorrow, I am sure there will be sufficient time in the morning to announce such change so that all hon. members-who are perfectly conversant with the items because they have been on the order paper day after day and week after week-will know about it.

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