April 12, 1962 (24th Parliament, 5th Session)


John Whitney Pickersgill


Mr. Pickersgill:

I would like, Mr. Chairman, before you make a final ruling, to draw your attention to the fact that the notice paper for the supplementary estimates, which I have in my hand and which May appears to refer to, does set out these votes in a certain order. We had no notice given in the house under the rules that this order was to be changed, whatever dictate may have been passed down from the government outside the hours of sitting. The notice paper for the proceedings in committee lists the further supplementary estimates No. 4, and the items are 727, 728-which, as Your Honour indicated, was passed and reported to the house -and we had entered upon the consideration of item 729. According to May, that order having been given on the notice paper it cannot be changed arbitrarily by the government; it must be followed, because this is the notice paper for these supplementary estimates, the only one we have.
That taken in conjunction with the citation given by the hon. member for Hull, that once one of these items is entered upon it cannot be postponed but must be dealt with, would seem to me to deal conclusively with the point. I was seeking, before Your Honour went on to make a ruling, to draw Your Honour's attention to the fact that all there is on the order paper of the house is "House again in committee of supply", which gives us no guidance. The notice paper we have for dealing with the supplementary estimates is the one I hold in my hand, and the government cannot arbitrarily change this.

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