April 12, 1962 (24th Parliament, 5th Session)


Paul Raymond Martineau (Deputy Speaker and Chair of Committees of the Whole of the House of Commons)

Progressive Conservative

The Chairman:

I thank hon. members for their contributions to this point. I notice it was raised first of all as a matter of privilege, and then some hon. members referred to it as a point of order. In any event standing order 18, paragraph 2 reads as follows:
Except as provided in standing order 56, government orders may be called in such secjuence as. the government may think fit.
Standing order 59 (1) reads as follows:
The standing orders of the house shall be observed in the committees of the whole house so far as may be applicable, except the standing orders as to the seconding of motions limiting the number of times of speaking
-and so on. When the house adjourned on Friday, April 6, only a certain resolution was reported, as recorded in Votes and Proceedings for that day:
The said resolution was reported and concurred in, and the committee of supply obtained leave to sit again at the next sitting of the house.

Supply-Northern Affairs
There is no mention there of the item then in progress, and the rules must be interpreted according to the authorities, one of which is May's sixteenth edition, to which reference has often been made in the house. I should like to read an extract from page 731 of May's sixteenth edition, which to my mind is very relevant to the matter before the committee:
Motions for a grant may be submitted to the committee in the order selected by the mover, and so arranged on the notice paper, without regard to the order and arrangement of the estimates (d), or to any motion which was before the committee at a previous sitting and was not disposed of.
I believe this confirms the rule I mentioned a few moments ago, rule 18, paragraph 2, which states that it does not matter whether or not a previous resolution had been disposed of. So far as the order of business is concerned, I am in the hands of the government-

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