April 12, 1962 (24th Parliament, 5th Session)


Frank Howard

New Democratic Party

Mr. Howard:

I do not know whether this is the relevant citation in Beauchesne which has application to the point, but I would ask you, Mr. Chairman, to give consideration to citation 242, which reads as follows:
The procedure of the committee of supply follows the ordinary usage of a committee of the whole house. No amendment can be moved which is not relevant to the grant under consideration. The votes should be considered in the order in which they stand on the paper distributed to the members of the house; but any vote may be passed over and not moved.
Then there is the following sentence:
Once it is moved a motion to postpone it cannot be entertained. Each resolution for a grant forms a distinct motion which can only be dealt with by being agreed to, reduced, negatived, superseded or withdrawn.
Whatever other hon. gentlemen say, I submit this covers the item which was before the committee on the last occasion, No. 729, which deals with the water resources branch.

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