April 12, 1962 (24th Parliament, 5th Session)


John Whitney Pickersgill


Mr. Pickersgill:

Before you rule, Mr. Chairman, I should like to raise a technical point. When you reported progress last Friday we were engaged in the discussion of item No. 729. That item has not been postponed by the committee. That item was before the committee, and I submit it cannot be postponed just because one member of the committee, and he the suppliant, says it should be postponed. It can only be postponed by a vote of the committee. That was the point up to which we had made progress and we were granted leave to sit again to go on from where we left off. I submit that this item cannot be postponed except by agreement.
In all the time I have been in this house I have never heard of a government trying arbitrarily on its own, without the consent of the committee, to change the item under discussion. On several occasions when we asked to have it done it was stated that it was inconvenient for the government to have the items changed. That happened on many occasions.
I say that if the minister wants this item postponed it is the committee which is in charge, and if the committee wants to vote by a majority to postpone discussion of item 729 then it can do so. The Minister of Finance is not the committee, but he has become so arrogant that he thinks he is.

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