March 22, 1962 (24th Parliament, 5th Session)


Edmund Davie Fulton (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Fulton:

Mr. Speaker, I am convinced that my hon. friends would have been very angry with me indeed if I were to have said that they were completely without tactics, as devoid of tactics as they are of common sense, in bringing on this motion. That would really have annoyed them. I have not imputed motives. I will leave the analysis and conclusion as to motives to others when the facts are fully exposed and placed before them. Because I fully recognize and appreciate the rules of the house with regard to the imputation of motives I do not intend to impute motives.
I believe we are entitled to look at the situation which by their very words the members of the opposition have asked us to create in this house in bringing forward this motion.
For the moment may I leave aside altogether the question of whether there exists such a document as is asked for. It seems to me the statement of the Minister of Trade and Commerce has disposed of the motion itself and certainly should have disposed of the argument long ago when he said there is no such document that can be produced. Hon. members opposite insist that there is one. Somewhere, they feel sure, there should be such a document, that there must be one.

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