March 15, 1962 (24th Parliament, 5th Session)


Lionel Chevrier (Official Opposition House Leader; Liberal Party House Leader)


Mr. Chevrier:

If that is the case, and I thank the member for that interjection, I think the house is entitled to know what is being held up. Where are the buildings that are being held up? Where have you had to stop construction? The house is entitled to know because after all the Minister of Finance made it quite clear that he did not want to curtail debate directly in any way, although by inference that is exactly what he was trying to do. He did not want to curtail debate but he wanted the house to know how some of these people were going to be affected both directly and indirectly.
These estimates have been held up for the last 30 minutes by the chief whip, and I think the house is entitled to know far more than the minister has told us. I submit with deference, sir, that the minister should answer the four questions I put on this item with regard to where and how the money is being held up.

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