June 5, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


David Alexander Gordon



As far as the member for North Toronto is concerned, I would fear the results.
Mr. Speaker, before closing I desire to enter my strongest protest against hon-members opposite interfering with the transacting of the country's business, by means of obstructive tactics such as has been resorted to during the past six months. We believe many members on both sides of the House would welcome a change in rules, and trust now that the time is opportune, that the House will agree to such changes in the rules as may be necessary to prevent in future such wanton waste of time. If this cannot be done then speaking for myself, I believe the government should take the matter in hand and show the country that while they have been patient there is also a limit to which patient endurance will not submit, and that the country will no longer suffer what we have been forced to endure during the past six months.

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