June 5, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


David Alexander Gordon


Mr. GORDON (reading) :

The opposition should think of this before it runs out its hundred-ton cannon to brush away the fly.
I believe the House would agree, and not only the House but the country, that these hon. gentlemen opposite have been every day bringing out their 100-ton guns to brush away flies.
If the minister positively refused information, then the situation would be changed. If the information, when it comes down, reveals scandalous wastefulness or worse, then we shall expect the opposition to make the most of it. But it will only weaken its power to attract public attention to great wrongs if it insists upon flagging the fast express of parliament every time it wants to ask a mail clerk why a letter has been delayed.
Now in view of what has transpired, it is easy for us to realize whether we are drifting when, on many occasions, a

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