February 28, 1962 (24th Parliament, 5th Session)


Hédard-J. Robichaud


Mr. Robichaud:

A few minutes ago the hon. member for Port Arthur said the pulpwood companies never had it so good. I am not in a position to discuss that statement at this time, but if such is a fact, I would like the Minister of Forestry to tell us why farmer owners of woodlots in New Brunswick have to be satisfied with $9 to $11 per cord for their pulpwood if their wood is so good for pulp products. Of course the Minister of Forestry may say this is a provincial matter. Probably he would be right in saying so but, if such is the case, then I would like an explanation of the statement made by the Prime Minister in Rimouski to the effect that the stabilization board was prepared to give consideration to including farmer-produced woods so that they would know a year in advance the lowest prices they would receive.
We know that up to the present time pulpwood is not one of the nine products which come under prices support, but we also know that the act gave the prices stabilization board wide powers to include other commodities. It

would be interesting to know what the Minister of Forestry is doing to help that class of farmers who need assistance.

Subtopic:   WINNIPEG
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