June 4, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. O. S.@

CROCKET (York, N.B.) I
hardly know whether to say I am or am not surprised at the silence of the Minister of Public Works (Mr. Pugsley) on this question, because I am bound to say that those of us who are familiar with the political career and the methods of that hon. gentleman would require a great deal on his part to surprise us. I
say this in view of the position which that minister took on this question before his transference to the federal cabinet. There is no doubt that he professed a very profound interest in it for two or three years before he became a member of this government, an interest, I may say, which he valued as worth to the people of New Brunswick, $5,000, for that is the amount he took from the provincial treasury for his services in connection with the endeavour to obtain for the province of New Brunswick its rights in respect of its representation in this House-the same amount, which he obtained from-the treasury of New Brunswick for his services in connection with the eastern extension claim while he was Attorney General of that province. The Minister of Public Works (Mr. Pugsley) not only argued these cases before the Supreme Court of Canada and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, but after the judgment of the Privy Council disallowing the contention which he set up, he brought the matter up in the provincial legislature by a resolution which I believe my hon. friend from St. John (Mr. Daniel) has already read. Speaking to that resolution in the legislature of New Brunswick, the Minister of Public Works said :
I hope, as a result of this discussion, that members of parliament who are friendly to us, will stand up for our rights and try to do away with the injustice we have suffered in the past.
I That is the statement made by the Minister of Public Works in the legislature of

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