June 4, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Angus Alexander McLean

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. A. A. McLEAN.

that matter upon their lordships in the Privy Council, but they saw fit to take the letter of the law as they found it and as I have read it from the resolution passed by the parliament of Canada and the legislature of Prince Edward Island. But, notwithstanding that fact we have the assurance of the Attorney General in his argument that it was the intention of the legislature and of this parliament that we should have that representation for all time to come. I think the evidence that he produced before the Privy Council was abundant to show to the government and the parliament of Canada that we lost that representation by the blunder of the man who drew the resolution, by a mistake, in the conditions and a wrong of that kind should be righted by this parliament. I do not think that the maritime provinces should lie any longer under this wrong which was committed when we entered confederation. Take this great province of Ontario with its vast resources ; every day we hear of new discoveries of minerals. It is the same in the province of Quebec. Their resources are illimitable. Priuce Edward Island is a province dependent altogether upon agriculture, and we will probably never be a great manufacturing country because we are shut out, as was stated by the gentlemen who were present at the conference in 1804, for six months in the year, by reason of the isolation which results from our being an island. There may be a time when we will be able perhaps to increase our population by a small amount when we get our tunnel,"but until that time comes I do not see any hope that our population will increase in proportion to the population of the other provinces of Canada, and I think, for the reasons which were given by the gentlemen who were present at the confrence of 1864 at Quebec, by reason of the facts which were adduced before the Privy Council by the Attorney General of Canada when he argued the ease for Prince Edward Island, and by reason of the other facts which have been stated to this House by my bon. friend from St. John (Mr. Daniel) and by other hon. gentlemen who have spoken during the last two sessions upon this subject, immediaate relief should be given to the maritime province by the government of Canada.

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