February 14, 1962 (24th Parliament, 5th Session)


George Matheson Murray

Mr. Curran:

I think so, sir. As we said in the brief, at the time the various veterans acts were formed here in Canada, there was no thought, I hope, of including Newfoundland because Newfoundland was not in confederation at that time.
The point I make here is that again Mr. Curran has referred to the fact that they would be perfectly satisfied to have recognition of their services included in the Civilian War Pensions and Allowances Act.
For the reasons I have outlined, I think it would be very prudent on the part of the hon. member for Burin-Burgeo not to pursue this matter further. I have indicated beyond any doubt that it is perfectly acceptable to the surviving veterans of the forestry unit. It is becoming increasingly evident that my hon. friend is trying in a narrow and partisan way to interject into this debate a division which I sincerely hope will not take place with respect to this important measure. I can only conclude that the reason my hon. friend, the learned member for Burin-Burgeo, is injecting this partisan note at this time and is trying to split hairs is that he realizes that for eight years they missed the boat and they are now trying to get on board.

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