February 14, 1962 (24th Parliament, 5th Session)


James Aloysius McGrath

Progressive Conservative

Mr. McGrath:

No. I am not questioning the validity of what the hon. member has said. He has said he had no knowledge of them and I accept that as a true statement. Nevertheless, the record speaks for itself in this regard and I intend to show where the record is not in accordance with the views of the hon. member who just resumed his seat. The witness whose statements are reported on page 105 of the report is Mr. Curran who was the president of the Newfoundland overseas forestry unit association. This is the association of the veterans of this unit in Newfoundland today-the association which presented the brief to the committee. Replying to a question asked by the hon. member for Kootenay West (Mr. Herridge), Mr. Curran said:
Well, sir, we were dealing until the present P.C, administration came into power with the veterans affairs branch. We were not getting very far.
The report goes on:

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