February 14, 1962 (24th Parliament, 5th Session)


Herbert Wilfred Herridge

New Democratic Party

Mr. H. W. Herridge (Kootenay West):

I rise to express the support of this group for the principle and purpose of this bill. From my point of view, the principle of this bill is to make provision for certain persons who served during the war to receive the benefits of the War Veterans Allowance Act.
I quite agree with the argument put forward by the hon. member for Burin-Burgeo (Mr. Carter). Throughout the years I have always been of the opinion, together with several other members of the committee, that the firefighters, the merchant seamen and the Newfoundland foresters-since I have heard about their case and heard their representations-should be considered as veterans. However, that is a matter which can be dealt with when we come to the clause in question.
We are very pleased indeed to see these persons receive the benefits of the War Veterans Allowance Act. There was a general and somewhat lengthy discussion on the resolution stage so I do not intend to say anything further at this time. Any additional remarks I may wish to make will be in the nature of questions when the bill is before us for detailed consideration.

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