June 2, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Allen Bristol Aylesworth (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)


Hon. A. B. AYLESWORTH (Minister of Justice).

I saw what was said in ' Hansard ' in regard to the matter and I have really nothing to add to what my hon. friend the member for the riding (Mr. .Johnston) stated on that occasion. The resolution which was then read to the House by the hon. gentleman was forwarded to me shortly after it was passed by the municipal council and 1 replied pointing out to the council some considerations which it seemed to me had been overlooked in the preparation of the resolution. I have not sinoe Friday last referred to the papers to ascertain exactly the date upon which I wrote, but I am nuite sure it was a few days prior to the date mentioned by the hon. gentleman as that upon which lie had been communicated with. The circumstances, however, are fully set out in the resolution and in the letter which I sent in reply to it, which letter, according to my hon. friend from the county (Mr. Johnston) has been published in the newspapers there.

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