June 1, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)



FOWLER (Kings, N.B.) When the House adjourned at six o'clock on Wednesday I was referring to the reciprocal compliments that had passed between the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Militia, and to the fact that the

Minister of Agriculture desiring to taka a part in military affairs, the Minister of Militia was desirous to Join to his more warlike accomplishments something of the arts of peace, and so took an interest in agricultural matters. Unfortunately, as I pointed out, between the warlike desires of the peaceful minister and the peaceful desires of the warlike minister, poor Mr. Williams got into serious difficulty and was unable to handle a scheme he had devised for establishing cold storage facilities iu St. John, N.B. It is to be regretted that the Minister of Militia in discussing this matter should have lost his temper. There was nothing in the well-reasoned speech of the hon. gentleman (Mr. Foster) which ought to have aroused to such a degree the ire and the wrath of the minister of war. There were no insinuations made in that speech.

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