June 1, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Mr. A. W.@

Pritchard, who has been carrying
on correspondence with you regarding the lands in the Swan river district, has handed us all the correspondence therein, together with your telegram of the 31st ultimo, accepting the offer of sale of these lands The lands in question stand in the name of our Mr. Whitla, under contracts from the Canadian Northern Railway Company. We are preparing agreements of sale in accordance with the terms of the agreement already arrived at, and will forward the same to you as soon as completed. There are 9,920 acres all told. If you have any suggestions to make as to the methods of closing the sale we will he glad to hear from you. We presume that since we act as solicitors for your company we can have Mr. Whitla sign the agreements and forward them to you for the signature by the company, and you can forward the cash payment and return one copy of agreement duly signed. We can at the same time forward you for inspection the contracts covering the various parcels which our Mr. Whitla holds. We trust this will be satisfactory.
The answer was as follows:
Toronto, January 5, 1901.
Yours of January 2, duly received re Pritchard's sale of Swan river district lands. The contracts will be with the Union Trust Company in trust and cash. Cash payment will be made to credit of vendors in Standard Bank of Toronto on receipt and signing of satisfactory documents of agreement. Twenty-five cents per acre is to be paid as commission on sale. This can either be deducted from the cash payment or better. You can send a cheque therefore signed by the vendors in favour of myself. I will then deposit to credit of vendors the whole cash payment and present cheque which will be paid therefrom. Kindly see that purchasers are allowed to pay up whole amount due on lands at any time without notice or bonus.
Yours truly, GEORGE E. FOSTER.
And accordingly, as is asked by that letter, a cheque to the hon. gentleman (Mr. Foster) issues for that amount of commission at the rate of 25 cents per acre on the 9,920 acres, or $2,480. That is asked for in the letter I have read in distinct and unmistakable terms as a commission on the sale of these lands to the company of which the writer was jthen the paid manager. That is asked for as a deduction from the cash payment his company was to make, or better, a cheque for the amount signed by the vendors in favour of ' myself,' the manager. And that amount so received has not been shared with anybody.
That is the ground upon which I made the statement, Mr. Speaker.

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