June 1, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)



In reference to this matter I have just a word to say before the hon. member introduces his Bill. I wish to call the attention of the House to the time this measure is introduced. We have now been sitting six months. This is an important Bill. The minister and the government gave consideration to this matter last year. This is I suppose to a great extent the same measure that was Introduced last year, and I think the introduction of such an important Bill at this stage, when I suppose the session is pretty nearly drawing to a close, is very much to be deplored and to be condemned. I think the hon. gentleman ought to give some satisfactory explanation to the House as to how it is that an important measure of this kind has been delayed until this stage of the proceedings. If it were an isolated case it would be somewhat different; but more and more, not only during this session, but during preceding sessions, the practice is prevailing with the government of leaving the introduction of important measures to the late days of the session. This is not fair either to the members of the House or to the country. It leads to injudicious legislation and results in the measures not being properly considered, and it is a practice that I think ought to be condemned and discontinued.

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