June 1, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Joseph Gédéon Horace Bergeron

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr J. G. H. BERGERON (Beauharnois).

leader, would not have come to me and said something to me about it. Now I come to what 1 have got to do about it. Soon after the notice was put on the paper -last year, the hon. member for Beauharnois (Mr. Bergeron) notified me that Dr. Worthington had something terrible against me. He -is going to expose you, said Mr. Bergeron, -and your grafting in connection with the Ross rifle. And he asked: Is it not possible for you to pay back the -money?
Mr. Bergeron then said :
This is the first time I have heard anything of the matter. The hon. member for Sherbrooke (-Mir. Worthington) has never spoken of it to me and I have never spoken to the hon. member for Victoria and Baliburton (Mr. Sam. Hughes) in the way he has here indicated. The w-ho-le thing is entirely a dream, as far -as I know.
Mr. Speaker, I want to be fair to the hon. member for Beauharnois-at the time he spoke to me we were sitting as we are today. He spoke, as I felt, as a friend, a gentleman talking over the motion on the Order Paper standing in the name of the hon. member for Sherbrooke Mr. Worthington. He stated to me that he (Mr. Worthington) had any amount of data, X think the expression was any God's amount of data against me, and the Minister of Militia ; and he went on further-I do not remember the exact words-but he begged me for God's sake to try and get out of it, and pay the money back, was there any way to pay the money back that had been grafted in order that I might get out of it ? These were the statements. Not only that but it was referred to on other occasions. I assured him there was nothing in it. He said ' everybody believes it.' Not only that but I spoke to the hon. member for Jacques Cartier (Mr. Monk) about it. He said it is a common rumour, current opinion in Montreal that 'you are in it up to the neck.' I spoke to the leader of the opposition (Mr. R. I,. Borden) about it and to twenty other members of the Conservative party and this is the first time I ever heard it contradicted. More than that, I happened to receive

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