May 25, 1961 (24th Parliament, 4th Session)


Walter Gilbert Dinsdale (Minister of Northern Affairs and National Resources)

Progressive Conservative

Hon. W. G. Dinsdale (Minister of Northern Affairs and National Resources):

Mr. Speaker, as members of parliament are aware, preparations for the resources for tomorrow conference to be held in Montreal, October 23 to October 28 next, are now well advanced. The governments of all the provinces have cooperated with the government of Canada in planning to make the conference a most significant event in the history of our country, in so far as the development of Canada's renewable resources is concerned.
Background papers form an essential basis for the conference discussions. In all, 80 such papers have been submitted. As a number of these have been written by co-authors, upwards of 100 scientists and other experts in the various resource fields have contributed to the fund of information and judgment on which conference deliberations will be founded.
As a service to parliamentarians and the press, as well as to radio and television reporters and interested organizations and individuals, the resources for tomorrow secretariat has assembled, in each of the seven sectors involved, short summaries of background papers. For each sector a resume of highlights of the papers will be prepared. This resume is, in effect, a digest of contents designed to indicate the general pattern or trend of approach by the authors to the renewable resource development problems.
The first of these completed digests pertains to the waters sector, and this document is available in both English and French. The water sector resume will be followed, in due course, by information compiled in similar form in respect of wildlife, forestry, land use, fisheries, recreation and regional development sectors.

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