May 24, 1961 (24th Parliament, 4th Session)


Edmund Davie Fulton (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Fulton:

There is no doubt that a bill of this importance deserves consideration in the widest possible forum, and the widest possible committee forum we can place it in is the committee of the whole house. I am not inclined to think that with respect to a bill of this kind a detailed study by particular members, as my hon. friend has suggested to me, would be appropriate. I think the committee of the whole house is the appropriate place to have a detailed clause by clause consideration of this bill.
With regard to the second suggestion that we might defer the consideration of the bill in committee of the whole, while I appreciate the remarks the hon. member has made as to the desirability of studying the speeches made here, I do remind him that the bill itself has been in the hands of hon. members for over a week now.

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