May 23, 1961 (24th Parliament, 4th Session)


Rémi Paul

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Paul:

But I wonder if it is with deep conviction that the hon. member made that suggestion to the house.
Unfortunately, we still remember the case of that famous murder which was premeditated, planned and carried out a few years ago by a certain woman, when a plane crashed at Sault-au-Cochon, not far from Baie St. Paul in Quebec.
I think the woman who had planned such a crime deserved the punishment she received.
I therefore think we should not make any exception for women if they are coward enough to plan the suppression of one of their fellow human beings.
Those are the few remarks I wanted to make in this house.
Criminal Code
I am sure that at the conclusion of this debate, we shall have taken a great step to meet the requirements of the two schools of thought. On the other hand, while society must be protected, it must also protect. So it continues to lend a compassionate hand to those who, through weakness, passion or distraction, have committed a crime.
I feel that in maintaining capital punishment for capital murder, we are giving a further proof to the Canadian people that Canada has had this legislation in its statutes for many years and that the members of this house intend to keep it, in order to ensure continued protection to society, the family and the individual.

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