March 9, 1961 (24th Parliament, 4th Session)


Julia Verlyn (Judy) LaMarsh


Miss LaMarsh:

The only answer given to the country by the government was that we are glooming and dooming. We heard this again this evening from the hon. member who preceded me. Mr. Chairman, if glooming and dooming would put Canadians back to work those of us in the opposition would stoop to it. If what the government is trying to indicate to the people of Canada is that we are attempting to make them afraid and uncertain, that is not correct. We speak here in this chamber to those who at least temporarily

have the responsibility of doing something about it. I suppose that next they will adopt the famous remark of another democrat, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who said to his people in the thirties, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself".
I would hope that as yet the Canadian economy has not been allowed in the last four years to slip so far that it cannot be recovered. If it has then we have considerably more to fear than fear itself. Those hon. members who sit opposite have a responsibility to the people and a responsibility which will not wait. I would suggest that rather than hon. members on the front bench travelling throughout this country making speeches and suggesting that the success of that administration to the south may be laid only to the fact that it has adopted the program existing in Canada, they should be here in this committee dealing with this massive attack of which they have so often spoken. If this cannot be done-

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