March 9, 1961 (24th Parliament, 4th Session)


Julia Verlyn (Judy) LaMarsh


Miss LaMarsh:

There are those of us, Mr. Chairman, of the official and effective opposition who will be standing but not to Your Honour's left following the next election.
That which has been done by the Minister of Labour is something rather shocking to this committee. The Leader of the Opposition today posed question after question to the Minister of Labour, who sat only a few feet from him, and the minister made perhaps the weakest statement ever heard in such a debate. He countered these questions today with an ordinary routine speech about an ordinary routine department with no sense of urgency and with no realization of crisis in the country. The Minister of Labour may be content in his job and prepared to accept that the underbrush is being cleared, and that the massive program is sufficient to restore Canada's unemployed to full employment, but those of us who sit on this side are not prepared to sit silently while nothing is being done. Whenever, over the years, anyone rose on this side of the house to speak of the increasing unemployment figures it was not for political advantage.

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