May 14, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


George Eulas Foster

Conservative (1867-1942)


Does my hon. friend mean that to explain the whole case? Let him go to Mr. Willson's evidence. What does Mr. Willson say? There are three carbide companies in this country. One is at St. Catharines and that is the company consisting of Mr. Willson and the late Mr. Sutherland, up to the time of his decease, and Mr. Little, who has succeeded to Mr. Sutherland's interest. Then there is the company in Ottawa. Who formed that company? Mr. Sutherland. Who sold the stock to the Bronsons? Mr. Sutherland. Who got 10,000 shares of the stock for that and other considerations, as Mr. Willson has sworn? Mr. Sutherland. Who has Mr. Sutherland's stock at present ? Mr. Sutherland's legatee. Then there is the company at Shawinigan, and there is nothing to show that that is an independent company. Then there is another company with a more liberal contract, the International Fog Signal Company, which makes little things that cost $300 and sells them to the department for $4,000, as shown by the testimony of the chief engineer. Does my hon. friend say there is any competition among these companies?

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