May 14, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Hon. Sir FREDERICK BORDEN (Minister of Militia and Defence) :

1. May 4, 1908.
2. May 4, 1908.
3. Tenders were called for by letters, dated January 18, 1908, addressed to-
The Ross Rifle Company, Quebec.
The Ottawa Car Company, Ltd., Ottawa.
4. The contractor undertakes to deliver 52,000 bayonets and scabbards within three years after the delivery to the contractor of an approved standard pattern, specifications and drawings. Deliveries to be made in even monthly quantities, as nearly as may be, and to begin within one month of the completion by the contractor of the necessary machinery, fixtures and gauges ; notice of such completion to be immediately given to the Minister of Militia and Defence.
Payments to be made upon delivery; provided that in any year during the continuance of the contract, if the contractor is not in default in respect of deliveries, he shall be entitled, in advance of delivery, to payment of moneys actually expended upon all bayonets and scabbards or parts thereof to be delivered in that year; such payments in no case to exceed 75 per cent of the price of such bayonets and scabbards. These advances to be made upon the contractor's certificate of the amount so spent, attested by the signature of government chartered accountant, who shall first satisfy himself of the fact of such expenditure.

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