May 12, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Theodore Arthur Burrows



Telegram ' in reference to the proposed amendment to the Dominion Election Act as provided by the Aylesworth Bill now before the Dominion parliament, has grown to be one of considerable interest.
So far as the Aylesworth Bill is concerned, I may state to you in confidence that the real fight on this Bill has not yet begun, but it will start when this Bill comes before the House for its second reading, and the opposition will keep the House in session until the snow flies next winter before they will allow it to pass in its present shape.
If the Aylesworth Bill, as it now stands, should become law, it means that the Liberals will have it in their power to make up voters' lists for Dominion elections along the same lines and following the same tactics as were adopted and used by the officials when voters' lists were made up during the time the Greenway government was in power in this province and exercising their ingenuity along that line. With the voters' list made up after the writs of the election have been issued (as provided bv the Bill), it would be absolutely impossible for the Conservatives to conduct an aggressive campaign and at the same time endeavour to check the crooked work that would be at the same time perpetrated upon the people by the officials in the way of making the lists up, or in other wordi, it would simply mean that we might jusit as well concede the whole of this province to the Liberal party, and waste neither time, energy, or money, in the way of putting up a good legitimate fight.
Our party at Ottawa thoroughly understands this and will make the fight accordingly, but they need to be backed up by the public sentiment of Manitoba, and I therefore write you, upon behalf of the party, asking you, as a favour to the party, to aevote as much space in the columns of your paper as you possibly can in showing up the iniquity of this proposed legislation, and in doing so you will not only confer a favour upon the party, but you will be doins? a great act an the wav of preserving the civil rights and liberties of the independent electors of this province.
I would he much pleased if you would send 'me marked copies of your issue which contains any reference to this matter, and I will be pleased to have the same reproduced in the Winnipeg ' Telegram,' and all Conservative newspapers in the east.
I feel that it is unnecessary for me to say anything further upon the subject as you understand as well as I the great importance that surrounds the question of the passing or rejection of the Aylesworth Bill.
Kindly drop me a line and let me know if you will be able to comply with the request of the party in this regard.
Youts, very truly,

Topic:   C. J. MICKLE.
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