December 20, 1960 (24th Parliament, 4th Session)


Hugh John Flemming (Minister of Forestry)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Flemming (Royal):

The explanation is that it has to do with a vote which I believe has been made in the house-certainly prior to my being here-amounting to $5 million for the federal contribution to forest access roads. This approximately $800,000 is the amount which is anticipated will be spent or at least it is the federal government's share of the amount that will be spent by the provinces between now and the end of the fiscal period ending March 31. For the information of the committee I may say that we have replies from all provinces, except three I believe, in connection with forest access road. Steps are being taken immediately to contact those three provinces with a view to making the winter works program, so far as forest access roads are concerned, applicable to all the provinces throughout the whole country. However, we have from seven of the provinces at the present time replies indicating agreement with the federal government proposal which is to share on a 50-50 basis all the expenses. Previously I believe some objection was raised by the provinces with regard to federal participation on a 50 per cent share of the labour cost only. This arrangement has been changed and the proposal which has been made has been that the total cost of forest access roads shall be shared.

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