May 13, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


John Graham Haggart

Conservative (1867-1942)


We have heard some discussion as to the powers of the province to enter into a bargain of that kind. I am fully of the opinion that it has power to enter into such an arrangement to secure lower rates; but 1 agree with the hon. Minister of the Interior that the power given to the provincial government in this agreement is only to fix rates within the maximum rate fixed by the Railway Committee of the Privy Council. There is something in the argument of the hon. member for Labelle (Mr. Bourassa) that under this arrangement a rate might be made which would discriminate against another province. The Manitoba government might fix a rate from Winnipeg to Port Arthur which would be less than the rate from the boundary line of Manitoba to Port Arthur, thereby discriminating against an individual living in the province of Ontario. After we ratify this arrangement I do not see how we could correct that by any action on the part of the Dominion government. It could not say that the railway company should not discriminate against individuals or against places.

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