May 4, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Alexander Johnston



What colliery ?
And here is a letter signed by fourteen captains at Port Hastings-I suppose the hon. gentleman is familiar with that place :
The following letter known as the ' captains' protest/ which might he regarded as the first gun in the campaign for the protection of Canadian shipping, like the shot ' at Lexington which was heard around the world/ was published in the Halifax ' Morning Chronicle/ Halifax ' Herald/ Lunenburg ' Daily News/ Sydney ' Post/ Sydney ' Record/ the ' Coast Guard ' (edited by M. H. Nickerson, M.P.P.). and other maritime province and Quebec journals.
To the Editor-
Sir,-As your paper has always taken a deep interest in the shipping of our country, kindlv publish this letter to show to the people of Canada how our coasting sailing vessels and owners are being ruined and our flag driven from our waters, and a foreign flag and shipping encouraged in our ports.
We, the undersigned captains of fourteen schooners have been at Port Hastings waiting for cargoes of coal. Some of us have waited for twelve da vs. and some were promised coal this week. Superintendent MiGilli-vray, of the Inverness Railway and Coal Company, was at Port Hastings Thursday, the 19th instant. We waited on him, and all the satisfaction we got from him was that we would get no coal until navigation closed up the St. Lawrence. One captain wanted to buv a barrel of coal for his vessel's use, and was told bv the superintendent that he would not get a barrel or pound of coal until the St. Lawrence was frozen up.
, Mr. A. MARTIN. Perhaps the hon. gentleman (Mr. Johnston) will hunt up some information that will suit him and will help him to speak, as he Is generally ready to do in season and out of season.

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