May 4, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


Alexander Martin

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. A. MARTIN (Queens).

This is a difficulty which occasions great hardship in the maritime provinces. It was a special grievance last year. I asked a question about this in April and the minister told me that it was ' under consideration.' I hope this question is not to be kept under consideration indefinitely. I also asked for the correspondence, but the correspondence has not been brought down. Now, the session is drawing to a close, and this is a very important matter, and should be attended to. I called the attention of the government to a resolution of the Board of Trade of Charlottetown, which had been sent me. I also received a copy of a resolution from the legislature of Prince Edward Island. In view of these representations and of the very serious importance of the matter to the people of the maritime

provinces of this question, I sincerely hope the government will find some way of overcoming the difficulty. I have here letters and petitions to show the very grave nature of this grievance to shipowners and masters and to the people generally. First, let me read a letter signed by Charles Reid:
Sir,-The system of loading vessels at coal piers is as tyrannical and out of date as the feudal system. Canadian vessels are not allowed coals as a rule, while a Norwegian steamer is at the same pier, and in many cases, coal is kept from "Canadian vessels until the ' Norman ' arrives.
Schooners sometimes hare been known to wait until the Norwegian steamer has made two voyages to Montreal. Captain Fred. Peters, of Summerside, can testify, as he is one of the captains who has had this experience. [DOT]
That is, the steamer loaded, went to Montreal, came back and got a second cargo before the sailing vessel could get a pound of coal :
Why should Canadians be driven from Canadian waters ?-

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