May 4, 1908 (10th Parliament, 4th Session)


George Ewan McCraney



By this Bill we are coming here for the authority of the Dominion parliament to use the waters of the South Saskatchewan river under terms which are set forth in the Bill. True, we could go to the provincial legislature and get incorporation, 'but that would involve a delay, which we desire to avoid. This Parliament could give the rights which we ask to individuals, who could assign those rights which they acquire to a company to be incorporated by the provincial legislature. I think, however, it is much better that we in this parliament who give the right to make use of the river, should also incorporate the persons to whom it is intended that these powers should be given as a corporate body, and that we should set forth the powers which are incidental to that incorporation. If the minister wishes to Mr. PUGSLEY.
have it stand for further consideration, I can offer no objection.

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