February 25, 1959 (24th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Michael Starr (Minister of Labour)

Progressive Conservative

Hon. Michael Starr (Minister of Labour):

The answers to the questions asked by the hon. member for Essex East (Mr. Martin) are as follows:
1. The rates of pay are established under the authority of the Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act, which prescribes fair wages;

that is, such wages as are generally accepted as current for competent workmen in the district in which the work is being performed, but shall in all cases be such wages as are fair and reasonable. The contractors are required to pay not less than the fair wages prescribed on this basis and set forth in the schedule of labour conditions applicable to each contract.
2. Eight contract wage schedules were issued between July 10 and November 4, 1958, on this work. With respect to all eight wage schedules, the rates used for three classifications are the collective agreement rates used on government contract work in any part of Saskatchewan. In the absence of collective agreements in the area the wage rates used for the other classifications were established by surveys.

Subtopic:   WAGE RATES
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